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Breathtaking New Web Series 2022-23!

MoonshineRiders is an action, adrenaline and comedy filled web miniseries set in the beautiful municipality of St-Hude (fictional city). This series of 7 episodes is available on YouTube and Facebook. The series is produced here, in Estrie, by enthusiasts of old and muscular cars. 

The web-series deals with Moonshine trafficking by the MoonshineRiders who are pursued by the police authorities and whose adventures are filmed with famous cars such as the General Lee from the series The Dukes of Hazzard (Sheriff, scare me! ), K2000, the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies, and many others. 

In the depths of the woods of the municipality of St-Hude, the MoonshineRiders, traffickers of pure Moonshine water, are the most wanted in Quebec. According to many, it is a guilty pleasure to drink this alcoholic beverage which is produced by the MoonshineRiders. Whether by plane, with old muscle cars or on motorcycles, the MoonshineRiders are daring and make their deliveries in all municipalities of Quebec. The villagers say there is no stopping them and this is just the beginning!